Chris Lanphear

A thirty-something living in Fort Collins, CO.
Still finding my way.

Hi, I'm Chris

I am a storyteller, technologist, and marketer. By day, I hold a respectable job as the lead developer for an upstart digital marketing agency.

I'm a self-taught developer and user experience designer, and I've spent the majority of my career helping to build brand stories online.

When I'm not pushing pixels, you can usually catch me at the movies or the theatre — I'm having a long-term love affair with both.

The Journal

I've kept an online journal off and on (mostly off) on various topics since 1999. At times the journal has been my saving grace, and at others a curse. But here it is: warts and all.



We don't have to talk about The Matrix. We can just talk about ... stuff. Your favorite bands. Girls who've broken our hearts. Uh ... The Matrix.